The Zz (zee) School of Print Media is a printmaking focused education initiative based in Kansas City, Mo.  We aim to promote print-based public art, encourage exchange between artists and the community, to create opportunities for artists and educators, and to expand the role of printmaking in the visual arts.  In addition to technical services and equipment access, Zz School rounds out artist opportunity with community based projects and conceptual courses. We aim to enable artists diversely, creating opportunities for artists to grow the content of their work in tandem with technical ability. 

Zz School exists thanks in part to the generosity of our community.  Beginning Fall 2015, Zz School will open in two locations.  Our screen print courses are taught out of a commercial shop, Oddities Prints, at 602 E. 31st Street and our letterpress shop is located at Vacant Farm, 3333 Roanoke Road.  Having square footage to call our own at Vacant Farm is giving us a place to design and build a teaching print shop that fits the needs of our members.  It is a substantial change and we are excited for the future.

Enrollment at Zz School is open to motivated individuals wanting to develop their skills as artist and learners. Students can expect to be challenged by technique and craft as well as to develop a wider appreciation for art imagery within historical, cultural, and contemporary contexts. 

Our goal is to provide unique and challenging courses to our students and a place for experimentation to our instructors. Proudly, the Zz School experience takes place in an environment without administrative interference and at Zz School we strive to always put students and instructors first.  

Direct all inquiries to Erin Zona,

The Zz School Team:

Erin Zona, Founder and main facilitator of Zz School, (b. Lisa Erin Jones, Nashville, TN, 1980) received both her MFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and the Harriet W. Sheridan Collegiate Teaching Certificate from Brown University in 2009. Upon completion of graduate school Zona has worked as a lecturer of Drawing, Design and Art Appreciation at Brescia University in Owensboro, KY, instructing in both traditional and online formats. Zona currently works as a lecturer in the Printmaking department at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Since 2011, Zona has worked as an artist and program developer for Whoop Dee Doo, a Kansas City based artist run non-profit community arts project. Working alongside the co-directors of Whoop Dee Doo, Jaimie Warren and Matt Roche, Zona worked to refine the organization’s teaching philosophy and workshop methodology as an integral part of the creative collaboration process. This experience played an important role in the development of The Zz School of Print Media concept.

As an instructor, Zona aims to put emphasis in the responsibility of her students as artists to be aware of the broad functions of art within their communities, both in and out of academia. She strives for her courses to be designed and reflective of the specific social, financial, and diverse cultural environments that we all are working within. In her classroom, Zona aims to respect tradition, promote determination, and motivate her students to produce excellent work and hopefully as a result, they will impact their communities with brilliance and style. Erin's website.


Asa Wilder
Head Librarian & Studio Technician

Asa Wilder was raised in a weird old house in Overland Park, Kansas with a bunch of siblings.  In 2010, he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Grinnell College.  After leading legal workshops for incarcerated people in Baltimore, MD, and organizing against foreclosures in North St. Louis County, he returned to Kansas City to join the low-wage service industry.  Unbeknownst to himself, he was waiting for someone to start something like Zz School, which has inspired his unrelenting devotion.  He is a founding member of the Doodle Tuesday Collective, and the director and sole member of the Aimless Strivers Association.  Wilder is the self-proclaimed valedictorian of the inaugural Zz School class and the newly appointed President of the the Zz School Fan Club.  His email address is


Jordan Carr,
Artist and Instructor

Jordan David Carr is an artist, designer and printmaker residing in Kansas City, Missouri. As an owner Oddities Prints, he is able to see projects through from conceptual meetings to executing the final printed product.

His design style stems from an expertise in working with the limitations and unique possibilities of traditional printmaking. This provides an always strong artistic base while keeping the final printed or digital object in mind. Extensive knowledge of the print industry and how things are made result in a very open book regarding conceptuality.

Industry Standard: Jordan's inherent design style reflects his fascination with 1960's - 80's working graphic designers, imagesetters and typesetters. Designs from the pre-digital era relied heavily on perfect balance, layout, weight and color. A most basic black and white advertisement and a wild, full-color LP jacket would both share the commonality of perfect design on a very primal, subconscious level. Two consistent influences from this era are the Folkways Records catalogue and designer Saul Bass.

Professional experience includes the top-to-bottom of owning and operating a commercial silkscreen and letterpress print shop, digital design including but not limited to the Adobe Creative Suite, analog design such as typesetting, collage, painting, lettering, writing and photography.


Kendell Harbin
Artist and Instructor

Entering the ring at 5'3", 140lbs, Kendell Harbin is a full-time woman, part-time dog, ex floridian, ancestor in training. She lives, works, and believes in Kansas City, MO, where she originally moved to study printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute, though now she does pretty much whatever she wants. Current solo projects include an in-house bedtime story service, photographing hotel art around the world, drawing playground designs, and other anti-disciplinary stuff. Kendell also co-operates an alternative gallery in KC called Front/Space. Check it out!